Trekardo Park, Pleasant Street, Ballarat

Club History

 The history of the Ballarat Soccer Club starts back in the winter of 1967 when a meeting was held at the Bunch of Grapes Hotel in Pleasant Street South (coincidentally some 200m from the current home Trekardo Park) to establish a club to play in the Melbourne League the following season. 

The club played their first six seasons at Llanberris Reserve, now home to the Ballarat Athletics Club, before moving to their current home ground in 1973. Since then thousands have worn the Red shirts of Ballarat.

Historic logo and its origins

The Ballarat Soccer Club logo was developed in 1974 by a fourteen year old BSC junior player. This was based on the traditional City of Ballarat logo but had added elements traditionally used within football logos. The crown was replaced with a soccer ball, the farming and especially the mining element was retained as this was a strong link back to Ballarats turbulent past